I dwell in possibility—
-Emily Dickinson

I am a pioneer in cultivating distributed companies.

My purpose is to foster environments within companies where people can bring their whole selves every day. I fundamentally believe that when people are not hiding their truth, they can be their most effective and impactful. I am a leader who inspires people to bring their whole selves to work every day. By encouraging people to be fully present, I grow results that exceed expectations.

I care most about growing diverse teams that are highly collaborative and autonomous. By focusing on this mission, I strive to increase all people's opportunities throughout the technology industry. I am steadfast in the belief that there are better ways to work. Too many people have been pushed away for not conforming to an antiquated methodology rooted in the industrial revolution.

To further this pursuit, beyond leading companies, I also coach and advise startups and emerging leaders around technology, growing their organization's culture, and how to recognize and use their power.

My Philosophy for Work and Life:
・Everyone is their own authority.
・Diversity nurtures growth.
・Nonattachment propagates perspective and tranquility.
・Be excellent in everything we choose to do.
・Organizations are organisms, not machines, as are the people within.

How I Strive to Conduct Myself:
・I speak my truth with kindness.
・I welcome my whole self and the whole selves of others.
・I see the possibility in others, I cultivate their possibility.
・I am authentic in all things.
・I trust others freely.

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