Open Studies: Changing How We Understand Tech Trends

Open Studies: Changing How We Understand Tech Trends
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I have spent a lot of time with various types of studies throughout my career. Scientific studies, market research, data warehouses, they have all opened new paths. I love digging into the data myself. It is clear though, big companies run most studies we see. They ask us to fill them out, then tell us what they think it all means—with a spin that suits them.I am starting something different. I call it, Open Studies. The plan is simple.

  1. Conduct surveys
  2. Share all the data
  3. Repeat each survey to help discover trends

It is free for everyone. There is no big plan. It is an experiment.In 2024, I want to conduct three studies:

  • How AI is(n't) Used
  • Programming Language in Production
  • JavaScript Framework Trends

I am also thinking about ways to conduct interviews to get more personal views. Still figuring that part out.

Why This Matters

Everyone should get to see and think about the data themselves. No company agendas. Raw, unfiltered data we can all draw insights from.

Join In

This is about giving us all a clearer—less biased—picture of the tech world. If you’re into coding, AI, or tech in general, keep an eye out. There’s more to come, and I’d love for you to be part of it.



Thanks to everyone who has taken time to talk to me the last several weeks. Your conversations and insights has sparked this idea. Without the donations of your time sharing with me, this seed would have never germinated.